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Tim brings real world experience and application-based concepts, techniques and solutions to the curriculum and classroom. People decide how, when and where they get their information and as sales leaders and marketers, we need to listen and communicate on their terms.  By using data, consumers are telling us what they want and need.  Data empowers us to assess the behavioral profiles, life-stage and lifestyle triggers so we can better communicate and develop stronger relationships with consumers.

Timothy Hendricks
Adjunct, Professor

Sales Development

Critical selling skills
Sales Process
Customer research
Opportunity management
Making contact
Developing the relationship(s)
Techniques: (Phone, Email, Mail)
Customer profiling
Buying process
Communicating effectively
Needs based selling
Consultative needs based selling
Adaptive selling
Creating solutions
Overcoming objections
Win/Win negotiation
Working to a close

Management & Leadership

Building high powered sales teams
Market & competitive positioning
Impactful presentations
Time management
Managing the process
Managing stakeholders
SWOT application
Compensation plans
Measurement & accountability
CRM, opportunity & pipeline management
Budgeting & forecasting
Trust, ethics, empathy & integrity
Managing focus & selling to FIT
Situational leadership
Coaching for peak performance
Recruiting & Interviewing
Succession planning
Situational training & development
Understanding sales executive needs
Marketplace diversity & sensitivity

Strategic Marketing

Market intelligence & research
Brand marketing
Marketing mix
Marketing plan
Database & target marketing
Audience of one
Multivariate testing
Measurement & analytics
Product & service marketing
Segmentation & positioning
Omnichannel marketing
Multi-channel marketing
Managing the customer Journey
Direct mail marketing
Digital marketing
SMS (mobile) marketing
Broadcast marketing
Streaming video marketing
Pricing strategy
CRM & relationship marketing

Consumer Behavior

Consumers & marketing strategy
Environmental influence
Societal influence
Ethnic & diversity influence
Cultural influence
Family dynamics
Gender dynamics
Social dynamics
Lifestage & behavior
Affect & cognition
Cognition & decision making
Conditioning & learning
Neuroscience of touch
Attention & comprehension
Consumer attitudes
Consumers & product strategy
Product positioning
POP & consumer dynamics
Marketing applications