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Direct Mail Design Center

Innovative Direct Mail formats that stand-out, create involvement and drive response.

Response-Pak ™ A 6 X 9 OE with oversized flaps that mails as a self-mailer and can include up to 3 inserts. Product can include a calendar, checks and a personalized mail back reply card.

Envelope-Pak ™ A #10 or 6 X 9 OE that has a pull down flap making use of the entire envelope wrap. You can insert into it like a traditional envelope. Flap can incorporate cards, a personalized reply card, coupons or a pocket calendar. An important tool for the environmentally minded marketer.

Portfolio-Pak™ An innovative and completely personalized design that can serve as a fulfillment or welcome kit. It can mail as a self-mailer or in a 6 X 9 OE. The format can include checks, cards or coupons.

Dimensational-Mail™ Make and impact and stand-out. Consumers are literally pulled to these Direct Mail devices that are hard to throw away and have exceptional response rates. With typical direct mail response rates between .05 to 3%, these mailers have been providing returns of 11%, 14% and upwards of 49%. Eco-friendly plastics can be used too.

Stuck-TO-You Mailers™ Magnet & Calendar Mailers – create involvement and visibility all year and be there when they need you and then your “Top of Mind” and accessible.

Persona-Mail™ Highly personal correspondence with hand-written fonts carried in an invitation or thank you style mailer. A great loyalty tool and customer touch-point communication program.

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