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Tim Hendricks, President, Creative Cognition Group / CCG Performance
Loved by: Cabernet, Trees and Goldfish
Feared by: The guy sitting next to him on the plane (who gets that armrest)
As the President of the Creative Cognition Group (CCG), Tim has over thirty years of experience in sales, sales management, marketing services and senior leadership. Tim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in English from St. John’s University and MBA with a marketing concentration from Benedictine University where he has also taught as an adjunct professor in the marketing department teaching courses on Marketing Management and Consumer Behavior. Tim is also a featured writer and presenter. He has done educational presentations on Direct Marketing at Universities including; Marquette University, University of Illinois and Miami of Ohio. He has also published numerous articles on marketing workflow technology, publications include: PIMA (Professional Insurance Marketing Association), Target Marketing, Insurance Advocate and the Idea Alliance’s IPA Bulletin). Tim is a featured presenter including the Direct Marketing Association Conference and Exhibition on Five Successful Strategies for the Insurance Marketer and at the Direct Marketing Association of Washington, D.C. where he presented on how to effectively reach consumers with relevant offers and as a panelist at the Print13 conference on how to market your printing company.
George Lowe, President, Web & Digital Solutions, Sparkfactor
Loved by: Bartenders, Bears fans, Gingers
Feared by: Sausages, Slower Cyclists
A man of vision, George founded Sparkfactor in 1996 when digital was just a niche area within the advertising and design industry. He’s eager to please, hard working, and loves being part of a community. If you need a video of your son or daughter playing baseball shot the weekend of Pitchfork music festival, George will be there himself. Yes, he personally wants to see your kids get into a good college. No one here can explain it, but we’ve seen it. He’s the same way when it comes to Sparkfactor’s clients, he expects them go far and does what it takes to get them there. George believes in his team and he’s passionate about keeping work and life in balance. Don’t think advertising and digital media will work for your business? Our founder will work twice as hard to prove otherwise.
Sharon Jack, Lead Generation / Revenue Creator
Loved by: Vineyards, Beaches, 2-seater convertibles
Feared by: Slow drivers
Sharon Jack brings over 24 years of Lead Generation experience in helping clients achieve their revenue goals by locating and qualifying leads that convert to sales. Sharon uses a proven qualification process customized to meet the client’s criteria, to identify the best prospects. She then creates a high level of interest which converts to new business for her clients. This method of Lead Generation has proven to increase sales revenue by as much as 3% to 15%. Her portfolio includes Fortune 500 firms in industries such as insurance, financial, direct mail print, energy, ad agencies, telecom, bio-technology and publishing. Sharon is an accomplished public speaker; has been a member of the DMA for over 24 years and has received multiple industry awards for her accomplishments in Business Development, Solutions Selling and Lead Generation for direct marketing programs. Sharon has been formally trained in Lead Generation methodologies while working in sales roles, as Regional Sales for Vertis (now Quad); Account Executive for Experian; Digital Marketing Manager for Cardinal Health; Project Manager for Empire International Marketing in Vancouver BC; Business Development Consultant for Holden International Consulting and as Director of Marketing for SUCCESS Media.
Thomas, Office Manager
Loved by: Chicago Wolves, Martini’s, Mail-Delivery Worker
Feared by: Cliff
Often Misunderstood, Thomas has spent years chasing (herding) employees to their work areas and negotiating with vendors.